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Survey Administration

The planning, requirements and tools for administering your survey, and what the California Department of Education requires of districts using the system

Signup and Planning

To sign up for any CalSCHLS survey and begin the survey administration process, first identify a District Survey Coordinator who will be responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting the survey in the participating schools, working with a CalSCHLS Technical Advisor. The Coordinator should then undertake the following initial steps.

  1. Read about CalSCHLS, particularly the Survey Requirements.
  2. Review the Frequently Asked Questions, and read the CalSCHLS Administration Guide, which provides all the information you need to successfully administer the surveys, step-by-step.
  3. Review the Survey Instruments (student, staff, parent), including the supplemental modules, and begin discussing your survey content needs with district stakeholders, including what supplemental modules you want to use and what additional questions the district might want to ask to assess other local issues. Review the list of questions that districts have previously added.
  4. Contact a Regional CalSCHLS Center by calling the toll-free helpline 888.841.7536 or email to discuss your survey plans.
  5. Contact your CalSCHLS Regional Center Technical Adivsor for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU outlines the responsibilities of both the LEA and the CalSCHLS Center, and specifies the conditions that must be met in administering the survey.
  6. Complete the Survey Registration Form provided by your Regional CalSCHLS Center. In the Registration Form you will describe your survey plan and specifications. You will be able to update the plan if it is modified. The information required includes:
    • when the survey will be administered,
    • which surveys (student, staff, parent) and modules you will administer, including a copy of any Custom Module of additional questions,
    • your student enrollment and sampling plan, by grade, including the number and name/CDS codes of participating schools,
    • method of administration (online or print), and
    • custom service requests (e.g., additional questions, school-level or disaggregated reports; School Climate Report Cards, datasets, workshops).